Midorino Shi-Hoikuen
(Midorino Daycare Center)

Natural Wood was chosen as the principal construction material for the design and construction of this Daycare Center located in the town of Kitamoto in Saitama Prefecture.
Daycare Centers are places where children’s emotions are developed and as such it was important that the interior of the structure offer and ambience that support the well-being of the children.
The exposed wood construction not only offer comfort but also the natural warm natural feel the wood which is ideal in the emotional development of children.

The main hall connects all the rooms and can also be used as a common playground where children of different ages can mingle freely which aids in the natural emotional development in children.
The Halls are topped with a Skylight built-in a cupola structure on the roof which adds natural lighting to the interior of the structure.
The structure emphasizes the potential design versatility offered by wood frame structures.

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