JAS Certification of Large Cross Section Solid Sugi Timbers

Our company was established in 1991 as a specialist in large timber frame structures and recently we have experience an increased demand for the use of domestic lumber, but the vast majority of sawn lumber available in the market place are for the small residential structures. Larger wood frame structures that require not only long length, large cross section materials but must be fully engineered requiring complicated structural calculations that can be accomplished with structural products with certified design values only. These requirements limits the choices of structural components in large part to Glue-Laminated products available only from a limited number of manufacturers at relatively high cost. This is one of the primary reasons that is hampering the growth of this market segment. Our company offers a viable alternative that features JAS Certified, long length, large cross section solid timbers.

In addition to the JAS Certified Solid Timbers of up to 150mm x 390mm x 6,000mm produced regularly at the Iwaki Wood Products Cooperative in which our company is a principal member, on March 2013, we have successfully secured the JAS Type-A Class Certification in the manufacture of Large Cross Section Solid Timbers of up to 300mm x 390mm x 8,000mm in size in Japanese Sugi which can be used for designing large wood frame structures in place of or in the same manner as Glue-Laminated structural components.

General process for the production of JAS Graded Lumber

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