A word from the President

Our company was established on September 19, 1991 as a manufacturer specializing in large scale timber frame structures offering full services from design to fabrication and assembly at final destination.
We strive to not only in keeping up with the changes in the industry but strive to maintain a leading role by continuous efforts in improving our manufacturing skills and incorporating the latest technology has to offer.

In 2010, the Japanese Government implemented a special program to promote increased use of wood in public projects which significantly increased the awareness of wood use in general construction.
Our company has been one of the key companies in promoting the use of wood products harvested in the Fukushima Prefecture since several years prior to the implementation of the wood use program to such as degree that 80% of the wood products produced from Sugi timbers harvested in Fukushima are now being channeled to the marketplace.
This effort lead to the successful JAS Certification of large dimension Sugi Timbers measuring up to 300mm x 360mm x 8,000mm enabling the start of pre-fabrication of large dimension timber frame structures now being produced at our Ogawa facility on a regular basis.

We have wide ranging experience in fabricating structures ranging from large dimension glue-laminated beams based structures, hybrid structures that combine steel frame and glue-laminated timbers and JAS rated large Dimension Sugi Solid Timber structures.
In the course of past operation we have experienced many challenges, namely in the form of structures without precedence where we were obliged to develop not only technically feasible solutions but solutions that meet the stringent Japanese Building Codes.
We have also prided ourselves in providing not only the technical, operational and aesthetic needs of our clients while keeping the costs within budgets.
We work closely with our clients from well before the start of a project by entering into close consultation with our clients at the very outset of an idea for a project and working closely with them to a successful conclusion of the project.
We rely on our vast resources of excellent network of technical people and trades to offer the best services possible to our clients.

In order to keep expanding the potential of architectural wood frame structures, we continue to work closely with our clients and partners in business.

Company Information

Name Kabushiki Kaisha Daityec
Incorporated September 19, 1991
Address 167 Aza Hirohata, Ogawa, Ogawa Machi, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture JAPAN 979-3115
Tel: 0246-83-2525 Fax: 0246-83-1978
President Yuichi Suzuki
Capital JY 40,000,000
Operation Manufacture of large Timber Frame Structures
License General Construction Industry License No. 26-26003 Issued by the Governor of Fukushima Prefecture.



Highlights of accomplishments to date

  1. Securing the JAS Certification for the production of Large Cross Section Sugi Structural Timbers
  2. Business programs implemented for the application of Large Cross Section JAS Certified Structural Timbers
    1. Development of connector systems for RAHMEN or Rigid Frame Structures based on JAS Certified Large Cross Section Solid Timbers
    2. Development of High Performance Shear Walls Panels
    3. Development of Built Up Beams
    4. Development of Large Span Timber Frame Trusses
  3. Development of Log Structures


Year / Month History
September 19, 1991 Established K.K. Daitec. in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
January 2005 Introduced Hundeger's fully automatic CNC processing machine K2
July 2006 JISQ 9001:2008(ISO9001:2008)Obtained certification
December 2012 Temporary housing / wooden temporary housing group 2012 Good Design Award Gold Award
September 2014 Introduced Hundeger's fully automatic CNC processing machine K2i

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