Akai Sawmills - New Storage Facility

This structure was built in June 2016 as a Storage Facility for processed products for Akai Seizai-Sho which is adjacent to our company’s location.
It is designed with Large Span Timber Trusses developed by our company based on JAS Certified Large Cross Section Timbers.
The structure measures 55m long x 18m wide with an eve height of 6.45m and total height at Roof Peak of 9.35m.
The elevation design is a simple Peaked Roof style but the special feature is the 18m clear span made possible by the Large Cross Section Timber King Post Style Trusses spaced 6 to 8 meters apart.

The principal aim of this project was the commercial application of the Large Cross Section Timber Trusses.
The Trusses are fabricated using maximum 6 meters long Timbers for the Upper and Lower Chords and King Posts joined together with simple metal connectors to form the Truss.
Built-Up Columns were fabricated with two 180mm x 180mm JAS Certified Timbers and spaced 600mm apart (i.e. total of 4 pieces of 180mm x 180mm Columns) and joined with sub-framework to improve their buckling performance.

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